Road to Zero Carbon | Far East Battery Invites You to a New Chapter in Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage

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  Far East Battery, listening to the voice of the market, keeping pace with technology, providing you with stable and reliable energy support.



  PowerBrick high-voltage rack battery cluster

  That’s right, this is the PowerBrick high-voltage rack battery cluster! The perfect companion for small commercial and industrial storage scenarios! It adopts a modular design. Don’t let its modularity fool you, as the capacity of a single module can be quite substantial. The capacity of a single module reaches 5.32kWh, and the maximum capacity of a single rack can reach 63.89kWh! Such capacity can also support up to 8 battery systems in parallel, flexibly meeting various capacity requirements. It offers both air-cooled and self-cooled options for flexible deployment and meets the demands of multiple scenarios.

  The allure of PowerBrick goes beyond that. It keeps up with the times and can be monitored and maintained online 24/7. It supports web and app configuration, remote upgrades, and real-time data viewing. Wherever you are, with just a simple touch, you can stay up to date with the latest information about the battery system. In addition, under comprehensive intelligent system management and friendly interaction with supporting products, its overall performance is enhanced. Therefore, the PowerBrick high-voltage rack battery cluster is an excellent assistant for small commercial and industrial storage scenarios. If you want to easily face challenges, selecting it is the right choice!

  PowerPlant integrated energy storage system

  When winter meets PowerPlant, when “energy anxiety” meets Far East Battery, this winter will no longer be cold! The Far East Battery PowerPlant series is an integrated, multifunctional, and efficient commercial and industrial energy storage system that brings full “safety” and “stability” to commercial and industrial users. With safety, reliability, economic efficiency, and intelligent operation and maintenance, the PowerPlant series becomes the guardian of commercial and industrial energy storage based on these three characteristics. Being a guardian is not just talk! It integrates temperature control, fire protection, energy storage inverters, and other modules to ensure that the battery operates in the optimal state. Of course, there is also the modular design. It’s really flexible, and the functions can be customized to inpidual needs. It is a great partner for commercial and industrial users!

  PowerBase containerized energy storage system

  Looking for efficient and reliable commercial and industrial energy storage solutions? The PowerBase series provides the answer! The PowerBase series is suitable for energy storage on the power generation side and offers both containerized liquid-cooled and air-cooled options. With high economic efficiency, safety, low maintenance, and high intelligence, it combines the four advantages of a powerful performance and has won numerous fans. Safety has always been of paramount importance in energy storage systems. This series adopts a module-level fire protection solution and has high earthquake resistance and wind and sand resistance levels. Real-time monitoring, emergency power-off protection, and early warning effectively ensure the safe operation of the system under different circumstances.

  From PowerBrick to PowerPlant, and then to PowerBase series, whether it is commercial and industrial or large-scale energy storage systems, Far East Battery always upholds the principles of safety, reliability, innovation, and efficiency. Let us walk side by side and work together for a “carbon-free earth.” Let’s create a better and sustainable tomorrow!

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